Our services include feasibility studies, market studies, supply chain management, legal product registration, sales, assessment in import logistics, branding, marketing and promotion and logistics for trade missions.


Feasibility Studies

We develop feasibility studies of your products, evaluating technical information, tariff regulations and market performance in order to identify opportunities for your business.

Market Research

We offer our customers the possibility of evaluating their products in the National Market, while we identify the potential and opportunities to enter into the retail or institutional business with short, medium and long term expectations.

Supply Chain Management

Control and monitoring of the entire supply chain from the original supplier to the end consumer with the objective of minimizing downtime, improve the flow of materials and generate savings in logistics operations.

Global Strategic Sourcing

LACMARKET specializes in the search of international suppliers according to your needs and requirements, in order to find innovative products that improve quality standards generating savings and expanding your portfolio.

Legal Registration of products

We have extensive experience in documentation and processes to register products and companies with government entities (INVIMA – ICA – INCODERM – DIAN).  Efficiency in handling technical and legal documents in order to obtain the necessary permits to commercialize, sell and market your products in the Colombian market.


We have long standing relationships with the Retail Market, Institutional Sales, Food and Beverages service as well as off trade and on trade markets.

Using our strong commercial relationships in Colombia we provide you with the assistance and the strategy to ensure effective and exceptional sales results.

Import - Export compliance and Logistics consulting

We assist you in transport, customs, storage, labeling and distribution of frozen, refrigerated and dry products.

Product and Brand Positioning

In order to build your marketing and investment decision plan, LACMARKET helps you to visualize and define your brand objectives as well as the best way to achieve them.  We represent products which are leaders in the market through efficient brand placement strategies.


LACMARKET will develop target marketing and advertisement strategies resulting in successful sales and brand placement in Colombia.


A Colombian company focused on the food and beverages market, our goal is to open the gates of the Colombian market to foreign companies planning to expand their products into our country and create long term relationships and opportunities.